Rapid Gasket Prototyping Services

If you have an idea and need a prototype quickly, you’ve come to the right place. At Tape Innovations, we take pride in our ability to swiftly generate high-quality prototypes. Customers use prototypes to:

  • Check design. Sometimes, the vision you have in your head (or on your CAD file) isn’t exactly right when it comes to life in the real world.
  • Analyze material choices. You may find that one material is better than another for your project by trying out one or more. Rapid prototyping lets you try out different materials for your part to determine the best fit for your needs.
  • Test functionality. There’s nothing like trying a new product before it’s put into general use. Better to find out early if it needs tweaks, adjustments or a redesign.

We take care of everything, from brainstorming ideas with you through cost-effective contract manufacturing. If you provide us with a CAD file and any details about your part, we can usually make prototypes in 24 hours using the materials we have on hand.

Tape Innovations uses quality rapid prototyping techniques on large industrial 3D printers to bring your CAD files and design concepts to life. We use state-of-the-art rapid prototyping technology to create prototypes, low-volume production components, tooling, fixturing and more, all while keeping prices low and quality high.


You provide us with a CAD file and some information about what you need and the goals for the prototype and we can work with you on an idea or concept. In many cases, we can turn a prototype around within a few days or less. Many times, we can do it within 24 hours and ship it to you, overnighting it if necessary. Depending on the types of materials we use, including their thickness, the size and the complexity of the prototype, we typically use one of three machines to get the job done:

This state-of-the-art machine is designed to cut heavy, flexible and semi-rigid materials with great accuracy. It’s a very precise process, ideal for things like gaskets or any times you need a custom shape and size, which is typical in prototyping. We commonly use this tool.
If you need your prototype to be made with a thicker material, waterjet cutting is the way to go. Waterjet cutting is ideal for thicker materials that would often see edge concavity with die cutting, like thick foams. The powerful cut made by the waterjet leaves a clean, precise edge on the material.
Laser cutting is designed for intricate, complex jobs with very tight tolerances. And, it’s fast. It allows us to offer extremely rapid prototyping without tooling costs, which will save you money and time.

Success Across Industries

Innovation is so much a part of what we do, it's in our name. This is never more evident than in rapid prototyping, in which we utilize digital manufacturing for quick prototyping and on-demand manufacturing. We serve a diverse spectrum of sectors from medical equipment to aeronautical engine components.

While some prototypes are about innovating new products and units for existing manufacturing processes, others, like those we do for the medical, aerospace and even automotive industries, can and do save lives. It's important work that we're proud to be a part of, and it's crucial you get it right. That's why it's essential to come to the experts at Tape Innovations.

Available Materials

including double-sided, foams, transfer tapes and films. These are most commonly used for bonding, sealing and other applications.
including neoprene blends, silicone sponge, poron and more are most often used for cushioning, insulation and gasketing. Very commonly used in prototyping.
like polyester films, nylon, high density polyethylene, PFTE and more.
like copper, aluminum, steel, graphite and nickel, commonly used in gasketing.
for shielding in electronics, including metalized fabrics, copper and aluminum foils, conductive elastomers and more.
is one of the most widely used materials for gasketing and very commonly used in prototyping.

Common Applications

If you can dream it, we can prototype it. The applications of our rapid prototyping service are nearly infinite. Our expert engineers can even brainstorm with you if you have an idea but don't quite have all the kinks worked out yet. Our large industrial 3D printers can bring your CAD files to life, and we can create prototypes for you to work with in the real world in days, if not hours.

Why work with Tape Innovations?

With over two decades of industry-leading experience, Tape Innovations is a proud 3M Preferred Converter. That means the worldwide leader in this industry trusts us to create innovative, problem-solving solutions using their high-end products. We also have earned Preferred Converter status with Laird Performance Materials and Rogers Corporation. It's an honor we're proud of. But we don't want to simply be a converter. We are a true partner with our clients, helping them innovate, create and benefit from products customized to meet their needs. We're playing the long game with our customers, knowing that your success is our success. With our expertise in the converting process, the trust and respect from industry leaders and our signature innovation, Tape Innovations should be your first choice to bring your projects to life.