Laser Cutting Services

A big part of Tape Innovations’ core capabilities, laser-cutting services include not just the machinery, but the materials like plastic shim stock, elastomeric products, frozen epoxy preforms, tapes and more. Our lasers operate with precise accuracy, and are the perfect option for projects with complicated features and strict tolerances. It’s a great way to save money on your project, too.

When your project involves small, intricate or complicated designs, laser cutting is the perfect option. At Tape Innovations, our laser-cutting services specialize in precision, focusing on very small items that need great edge quality and extremely tight tolerances. We operate with very precise accuracy, and have the ability to hold some parts within a +/- .002″ tolerance.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

  • No tooling cost
  • Simple DXF allows for easy cutting
  • Highly precise tolerancing
  • High material utilization
  • Low quantity runs
  • Lots of room for adjustments because there is no tooling
  • Offers greater precision than die cutting
  • Allows for extremely rapid prototyping

In addition to being compatible with many different materials, the main benefit to laser cutting is its precision. Unlike other methods, laser cutting allows for tighter tolerances and more intricate workmanship than die cutting. Fine details? Laser cutting is the process to do the job right.

What this means for you:

You receive a higher quality product and at a lower cost.

LASER-Cutting Tools

Precision is the point of laser cutting. Our state-of-the-art machinery produces great edge quality with extremely tight tolerances, within a +/- of .002″.

Available Materials

The materials we use for laser cutting are a key part of the process and integral to its precise nature. We use:

Common Applications

Laser cutting is the right process for intricate, complex jobs with very tight tolerances. It’s also the perfect alternative to die cutting if you’re working with materials that typically don’t work well with the die-cutting process. Laser cutting also allows us to offer extremely rapid prototyping without tooling costs, which saves money for our customers. In many cases, we can offer same-day or next-day prototypes. Whether you need one individual prototype or a large quantity for an entire run, our laser-cutting machines are the right choice for the job.

Why work with Tape Innovations?

With over two decades of industry-leading experience, Tape Innovations is a proud 3M Preferred Converter. That means the worldwide leader in this industry trusts us to create innovative, problem-solving solutions using their high-end products. We also have earned Preferred Converter status with Laird Performance Materials and Rogers Corporation. It’s an honor we’re proud of. But we don’t want to simply be a converter. We are a true partner with our clients, helping them innovate, create and benefit from products customized to meet their needs. We’re playing the long game with our customers, knowing that your success is our success. With our expertise in the converting process, the trust and respect from industry leaders and our signature innovation, Tape Innovations should be your first choice to bring your projects to life.