Digital Knife Cutting Services

Computer Number Controlled (CNC) knife-cutting machines use state-of-the-art technology to cut heavy, flexible and semi-rigid materials with great accuracy. It’s multi-tool head includes vibration, oblique, circular, punching and milling knives; punch rollers and marking pens. We’ve also got a CCD camera and projector to utilize when greater accuracy is needed.

Benefits of digital knife cutting include:

  • Increase in productivity at lower cost
  • Elimination of die costs and die production time
  • Consistently high cut quality and accuracy
  • Optimal material usage with minimal waste
  • Reduced setup time
  • Increased planning and production flexibility
  • Freedom of design, enhanced material and size options

Digital Knife-Cutting Tools

The Zund CNC digital knife-cutting multi-tool head includes vibration, oblique, circular, punching and milling knives; punch rollers and marking pens. We use a CCD camera and projector when greater accuracy is needed.


Common materials that are best suited to digital knife cutting are:
Cardboard Stock
Cardboard Stock

Common Applications

Tape Innovations Zund CNC Knife Cutter is ideal for wide, flatbed cutting of stock. It allows us to offer a high degree of precision and efficiency through the use of its vacuum bed hold down, and multi-blade tool exchanger.

Common uses for digital knife cutting include:

Custom Shapes

Because digital knife cutting is so precise and accurate, it allows us to create customized shapes for specialized applications, including die-cut shapes for masking.

Kiss Cutting

This technique allows us to cut through the adhesive layer of the substrate without cutting through the backing. If you need peel-off stickers or labels, this is the ideal way to do it.


Digital knife cutting is ideal for these necessary parts for many manufacturing applications because of its precise capability to create custom shapes and sizes.

Rapid Prototyping

We use digital knife cutting in many of the prototypes we produce.

Why work with Tape Innovations?

With over two decades of industry-leading experience, Tape Innovations is a proud 3M Preferred Converter. That means the worldwide leader in this industry trusts us to create innovative, problem-solving solutions using their high-end products. We also have earned Preferred Converter status with Laird Performance Materials and Rogers Corporation. It’s an honor we’re proud of. But we don’t want to simply be a converter. We are a true partner with our clients, helping them innovate, create and benefit from products customized to meet their needs. We’re playing the long game with our customers, knowing that your success is our success. With our expertise in the converting process, the trust and respect from industry leaders and our signature innovation, Tape Innovations should be your first choice to bring your projects to life.