Die-Cutting Services

At Tape Innovations, die cutting is NOT cookie cutting. Just the opposite. Our custom die-cutting process allows us to provide consistent, precise cuts every time, so we can customize tapes to meet your unique, specialized needs. Our precise machinery creates the identical shapes you need, quickly.

Die cutting, one of our signature services at Tape Innovations, is a manufacturing process we use to configure large quantities of a wide range of materials into specific designs. It is a common, highly effective technique for achieving uniformity of shapes, designs and other specifications our clients need for their projects and applications. Die cutting is a very versatile process that lends itself well to a variety of materials and projects — labels, stickers, components for industrial applications, you name it.

Our die-cutting services include:

  • Kiss cutting
  • Split liner
  • Butt cuts
  • Custom molded seals
  • Island placement
  • Multi-layer laminations
  • Pull tabs

Our expert die cutters use this process to create parts to our customers’ exact specifications. Our product specialists will work with you to determine which materials and job process will produce a product that meets your specifications. Our current customer base includes a diverse group of worldwide companies in a variety of industries including Aerospace, Government, Renewable Energy, Automotive, Construction, Medical and Electronics.

Benefits of Die Cutting


Our die-cutting tools are extremely precise and can produce consistent results, run after run.


Die cutting is known for its speed and accuracy, making it ideal for large or short runs.


Unlike some other processes, die cutting is very versatile, capable of handling many types of materials.


The die-cutting process reduces the amount of scrap that’s left over after cutting, minimizing waste (and your costs).


When a die is created to your specifications, it can be used over and over, so you’re not re-inventing the wheel. This helps keep costs down.


One of our key services is rapid prototyping. Customers who need prototypes want them quickly, and die cutting is a great tool for the job.

Die-cut tools

Back in the day, die cutting used to be done by hand. At Tape Innovations, we’re glad those days are in the rearview mirror. Now, we have specialized equipment, dies, that create precision cuts quickly, accurately and economically.

We utilize the best tools, equipment and materials available in the industry and continuously strive to produce the highest quality parts and most competitive pricing. Our state-of-the-art die-cutting machines are second to none.

At Tape Innovations, we have some of the most experienced die-cutting professionals in the industry. Seasoned pros + top-of-the-line equipment mean we produce stellar results for our customers.

Available Materials

We can die-cut corrugated cardboard, display board, paper, carton board, Correx, PVC and other materials. Not seeing your preferred material on this list? Just ask.

With our extensive storehouse of materials and industry expertise, we are able to create the custom solutions that our customers have been looking for, but not finding elsewhere. We’re not Tape Innovations for nothing! We put that creativity and ideation to work for you.

Common Applications

Because of its versatility, die cutting is one of the most common manufacturing processes. Here are just a few ways die cutting can enhance and perfect your project.

Signage and Packaging

Die cutting is the ideal process to make sure your company stands out and looks fantastic with high-quality print and packaging, and that starts with precision cutting your package or point-of-sale display stand. Our team of packaging professionals in the USA uses next-level die-cutting machines and technology to make crisp, clean cuts and creases in your selected material.


Using foam, rubber and other materials, we create custom gaskets for a wide range of industries, from automotive to aerospace.

Padding and Insulation

Using foams or fabrics, we use the die-cutting process to create insulation for everything from electronics to airplanes to vehicles.

Why work with Tape Innovations?

With over two decades of industry-leading experience, Tape Innovations is a proud 3M Preferred Converter. That means the worldwide leader in this industry trusts us to create innovative, problem-solving solutions using their high-end products. We also have earned Preferred Converter status with Laird Performance Materials and Rogers Corporation. It’s an honor we’re proud of. But we don’t want to simply be a converter. We are a true partner with our clients, helping them innovate, create and benefit from products customized to meet their needs. We’re playing the long game with our customers, knowing that your success is our success. With our expertise in the converting process, the trust and respect from industry leaders and our signature innovation, Tape Innovations should be your first choice to bring your projects to life.