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At Tape Innovations, we are your source for all things converting, from the best materials available on the market today to partnerships with top suppliers like 3M and tesa, along with the expertise and second-to-none services we provide.

Tape Innovations has an extensive range of equipment and experience to assist in bringing value to our customers. We have increased our cutting capabilities to include die cutting with both steel rule as well as rotary die, which will accommodate for high output production, water jet and laser cutting, router and mill work. Other capabilities include lamination of materials, custom printed box sealing tape, pad printing and distribution. Our engineering department can assist with design as well.


Questions? We’ve got answers. Here are a few of the most common questions we get from customers.

What is die cutting?

Die cutting is a process used to create customized designs and impressions on materials. You can use it to fabricate, design and convert stock materials to desired shapes and design.

Do you do rapid prototyping?

At Tape Innovations, we take pride in our ability to swiftly generate high-quality prototypes, often within 24-48 hours. Customers use prototypes to check design, analyze material choices, test functionality and more. Click here to read more. 

Is laser cutting right for my project?

When your project involves small, intricate or complicated designs, laser cutting is the perfect option. Our laser-cutting services specialize in precision, focusing on very small items that need great edge quality and extremely tight tolerances. Click here to read more.

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Data Sheets

At Tape Innovations, we’re the leader in stocking the most advanced and widely used materials in the industry today, including adhesive, plastic, rubber and many more. Here are some commonly downloaded data sheets describing a few of our products and how to use them.

Preferred Converter

Why work with Tape Innovations?

With over two decades of industry-leading experience, Tape Innovations is a proud 3M Preferred Converter. That means the worldwide leader in this industry trusts us to create innovative, problem-solving solutions using their high-end products. We also have earned Preferred Converter status with Laird Performance Materials and Rogers Corporation. It’s an honor we’re proud of. But we don’t want to simply be a converter. We are a true partner with our clients, helping them innovate, create and benefit from products customized to meet their needs. We’re playing the long game with our customers, knowing that your success is our success. With our expertise in the converting process, the trust and respect from industry leaders and our signature innovation, Tape Innovations should be your first choice to bring your projects to life.