Thermal Management

As our world becomes more connected, we are using more electronic devices that use and store energy. Those devices are also getting smaller and more powerful, requiring effective thermal management solutions. Thermal interface materials, such as die-cut thermal gap pads, provide a path for heat transfer between a heat generating device and a heat sink or cooling plate.

Tape Innovations can manufacture thermal management components to meet the specifications of your most complex application. We have access to a wide range of thermal management materials through strong supplier relationships, and we offer excellent support for technical questions.


Silicone Thermal Gap Pads

These products are made from silicone materials and help fill the gap between heat sinks and heat-generating devices. These pads are soft, conformable, provide excellent thermal management characteristics and can be die-cut to your exact specifications.

Acrylic Thermal Gap Pads

Made from acrylic materials, these products are also flexible so they can fit into oddly shaped spaces and provide thermal dissipation in all types of applications. Acrylic thermal gap pads can also provide vibration and shock dampening to further enhance end products.

Insulator Pads

Insulator pads are made from a variety of materials and are highly conformable to non-flat or irregular surfaces. They are designed to transfer heat between components and also offer strong dielectric properties.

Phase Change Materials

Phase change materials are substances that absorb or release energy as they transition between the phases of matter (solid to liquid, liquid to gas, etc.). These materials are useful in thermal management and are often made from paraffin wax, hydrated salts, fatty acids and other non-paraffin organic materials.

Heat Spreaders/Foils – Aluminum, Copper, Graphite

Heat-spreading materials spread thermal energy from a heat source to secondary materials or across larger surface areas and volumes. We regularly convert aluminum, copper and graphite heat spreaders and foils for use in a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications.

Thermal Transfer Tapes and PSAs

Thermally conductive adhesive transfer tapes and other pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) provide good thermal management properties and bonding for a wide range of substrates. Thermal transfer tapes generally offer high mechanical strength, good thermal transfer and conform well to non-flat or irregular substrates.

Industries Served


Effective thermal management solutions are critical for ensuring the safety of passengers and aircraft crews. We work with specialty aerospace materials that can help ensure reliable thermal management that meets the strict quality standards of the industry.


If consumer electronics overheat, device performance can be jeopardized, and it can create an unpleasant or even dangerous experience for users. Proper thermal management solutions prevent these issues even as devices get smaller and the power density of battery-powered devices increases.


HVAC systems are all about keeping environments hot, cold or just right. Thermal management materials enhance system performance and efficiency by ensuring thermal energy is not wasted or misdirected and starts working against the system.