Industrial Metal

At Tape Innovations, we specialize in custom converting services for tapes and other flexible materials. But we also have the capabilities to die-cut more rigid materials such as thin metals. Our various die-cutting techniques can be optimized to best suit your application and production volume, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency.

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Popular industrial metal materials


Aluminum is an extremely versatile material that has been used since ancient times for many different types of applications. Today, the material is used for aircraft construction, appliances, electrical conductors, CPG products, building materials and more.


Copper is a strong conductor of both heat and electricity, which is why copper tapes and foils are often used in thermal management solutions or electrical applications. Copper also offers strong resistance to corrosion, and is very ductile and malleable for applications with unique geometries.


Steel is a widely used material because of its tensile strength, hardness, durability and malleability. However, the mechanical properties of steel vary widely depending on the steel’s composition and the amount of heat in the operating environment.


Graphite is a mineral that offers high thermal and electrical conductivity in a low-density material. While most notably used in pencils, graphite is also found in batteries, electrodes, brake linings, lubricants, refractories and steelmaking processes.


Nickel offers strong conductivity for heat and electricity, is malleable, alkali resistant, ductile and can accommodate a high polish for sleek product designs. Nickel is commonly used in coins, battery assemblies, kitchenware, marine products and consumer electronic devices.

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Industries Served


Metal materials are used to create bezels, frames, structural components, panels and many other parts for display applications. Leverage our complete suite of converting services to enhance your next human machine interface (HMI) or other display project.


From metal frames to engines, exhaust systems, internal cabin components and aftermarket parts, metal is used for a wide range of automotive applications. We can create custom metal solutions with short lead times to assist our customers in the automotive industry.


Nobody gets off the ground without metal. These materials are integral to making planes safe, lightweight and durable enough for harsh environmental conditions. We offer specialty materials specifically designed for aerospace applications.