Insulator Materials

We have extensive experience sourcing, die-cutting and converting many electrical insulation materials with varying mechanical and physical properties. These industrial insulators include tapes, foils, dielectric papers and films, and flame-resistant papers such as Nomex®.

We’ve developed custom insulating solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, including electronic devices, electric vehicles (EVs) and EV batteries, charging systems, transformers, inverters and many others. Work with our team and we can help you develop the insulating solution you need to enhance your products and boost manufacturing efficiency.

Popular industrial insulators


Polyester materials are naturally dielectric which makes them a strong candidate for electrical insulation applications. These industrial insulators often come in the form of polyester films that we can die-cut to precise dimensions with tight tolerances.


Polyimide films are excellent electrical insulators that maintain their strength and electrical insulating properties across a broad range of temperatures. Polyimide is often used for wire insulation and is used extensively in the aerospace manufacturing industry.


Also known as polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE for short, Teflon offers high dielectric strength, low dielectric constant and loss, as well as excellent thermal stability. These properties make Teflon an effective industrial insulator that can be used in a wide range of operating environments.

Fish Paper

Fish paper is actually a form of vulcanized rubber that offers good flexibility, durability and electrically insulating properties. Fish paper is also extremely lightweight, provides good mechanical strength and can easily be die-cut into custom shapes to fit your unique application.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a fair conductor of electricity on its own. But when paired with resins and other compounds, it can provide effective electrical insulation for a variety of applications. Carbon fiber is commonly used in aerospace, automotive and a variety of other industrial applications.


Epoxy resins are a popular choice of electrical insulation because they offer outstanding electrical properties as well as excellent mechanical toughness, high thermal resistance and minimal thermal expansion. Epoxies are used for high-voltage connectors, electronic control units, electric drives and other electrical insulation applications.

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is a hard thermoplastic that is most commonly used as wire insulation in industrial and consumer equipment/appliances as well as thin wall applications. Some formulations also provide excellent thermal resistance and can be used as a flame-retardant barrier.


Polycarbonate materials offer excellent dielectric strength, high heat resistance and high impact strength. The material is ideally suited for low frequency and high voltage applications.

FEP Teflon

Otherwise known as Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Teflon, this material is similar to PTFE in that it provides excellent electrical, chemical and thermal characteristics. However, acceptable operating temperatures for FEP Teflon are lower than those of normal Teflon, making it less suitable for environments over 200°C.

Industries Served


The lives of patients depend on accurate and dependable performance from medical devices and equipment. That’s why medical manufacturers trust Tape Innovations to provide the industrial insulators they need to ensure product performance, longevity and patient safety.


Electrical insulation is critical for protecting the sensitive components required to safely fly personal and commercial aircraft. We can source and convert specially engineered aerospace materials to meet precise project specifications and satisfy strict industry standards.


Demand for electric vehicle components and EV batteries is soaring and OEMs need insulating solutions they can count on to protect customers and ensure product safety. We have extensive experience developing custom solutions for automotive OEMs and suppliers and can help you create the next generation of outstanding automotive products.