EMI/RFI Solutions

The purpose of EMI/RFI shielding materials is to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) from impacting sensitive electronics.

Electromagnetic interference can cause minor disruptions or major malfunctions to electronic devices. At Tape Innovations, we manufacture custom die-cut EMI gaskets, RFI gaskets and other EMI shielding components to meet EMC specifications for electronic devices.

Common EMI/RFI materials

Conductive Elastomers

We can convert conductive elastomers made from natural or synthetic rubber to create flexible seals, gaskets or mats to protect against EMI/RFI. These materials can also be used to create pressure sensors and other pressure-sensitive applications.

Metalized Fabrics

Metalized fabrics provide significant EMI/RFI shielding characteristics while maintaining the flexibility to conform to complex geometries. We work with woven and non-woven fabrics made from metals such as copper, silver, nickel or tin.

Copper Foils

Copper foil is a versatile material that is used across industries, including for EMI/RFI shielding applications. Copper foil tapes readily accept solder and are malleable to contour to irregular surfaces. We can laminate conductive or non-conductive adhesives onto copper foil to enhance EMI/RFI shielding solutions.

Aluminum Foils

Whether applied as a panel or a tape formulation, aluminum foil products are designed for EMI shielding, grounding and static charge draining. These materials are also flame-retardant and can withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for applications involving harsh environments or heat-generating components.

Conductive Foams

Conductive foams enhance shielding effectiveness and come in a wide range of thicknesses and compression forces. We can help die-cut foam materials to custom shapes, making them useful for odd-shaped applications.

Tapes/Transfer Adhesives

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and transfer adhesives can provide strong, reliable bonding while also enhancing EMI/RFI shielding for electronics applications. These materials provide good adhesion, strong electrical performance, improved handling characteristics and are ideal for gasket attachment to metal surfaces.

Conductive Silicone Rubber

Conductive silicone rubbers are designed to meet requirements for both electrical conductivity and cost performance, and they are often used to create shielding gaskets for a wide range of industries. We can convert these materials and supply them in the form of sheets, O-rings or another custom shape to improve efficiency in assembly processes.

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Things to consider when selecting your solution

When developing a custom EMI/RFI solution, engineers need to consider a wide range of factors that can impact cost, design and ultimately, the effectiveness of the product. Our team can help your product development specialists navigate these challenges and devise a solution that meets shielding requirements while improving efficiency and cost control for the overall project. Some things to keep in mind include:
  • Compression-Deflection
  • Compression Set
  • Mechanical Requirements
  • Frequency Range
  • Conductivity/Stability
  • Shielding Effectiveness
  • Installation Cost
  • Compatability with Mating Surfaces

Industries Served


Electronics — particularly consumer electronics — are one of the largest markets for EMI/RFI materials because of the importance of preventing interference that could compromise device performance. We can convert EMI/RFI shielding materials to create solutions for applications like tablets, smartphones, laptops, wearable devices and more.


Industrial EMI/RFI solutions are used in a wide range of industrial applications to protect sensitive components and ensure proper performance and longevity in equipment and other products. We work with many industrial manufacturers, suppliers and OEMs to create custom EMI/RFI solutions tailored to meet precise project requirements.


As power density increases, so does the need for effective EMI/RFI shielding solutions. For power-generating and -transmitting devices and equipment, we can convert shielding materials to provide effective grounding that protects both products and people.