Medical manufacturers are held to the highest standards for process control, labeling, documentation and product quality. Medical OEMs look for vendors who meet stringent requirements as well.

We serve the medical industry with custom molding and specialty tape converting services. Our ISO 7 clean room precision rotary die cutting helps deliver components that meet the most demanding specifications for precision applications.

For projects that range from medical diagnostic kits to pharmaceutical filtration components, we work with customers to produce die-cut parts that match their high standards — and we find ways to benefit both the products and the manufacturing process.

Our rapid prototyping capabilities mean we can help develop products from the earliest design stages through compliance review and all the way to production. We are prepared to meet customer specifications, design requirements and all regulatory expectations, including FDA rules.

Materials and Applications

The components and subassemblies we make for medical OEMs are different from all our other products because they will be used in health care settings. That means we recommend and use materials that have been proven to deliver high performance while protecting safety and health. Materials we use in medical applications include:
  • Aluminum and Copper Tapes
  • Absorbing Materials
  • PTFE Filters
  • High Bond Adhesives
  • Thermal Foams

Whether a medical product will encounter patients or will be used to support the delivery of care, we recommend materials and processes that will best support the intended application. Here are a few examples of medical products we have made: