Manufacturers in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) help ensure that indoor spaces are safe, healthy and comfortable for occupants and visitors. They build mechanical systems that transport air, water and steam. Performance often depends on sealing ducts, manifolds, plenums and pipes — and noise and vibration control are constant challenges.

The applications are straightforward: help move air, water or steam where it’s supposed to go to achieve desired temperatures, insulate the heated or cooled medium against loss from inside conduits to the outside, and minimize sound that comes from equipment, pipes and ducts. But simple doesn’t always mean easy. HVAC systems need frequent attention because they endure almost constant use.

We help OEMs design components and systems that perform reliably for maximum occupant comfort and minimum maintenance.

Materials and Applications

HVAC systems of all sizes need to have components joined and secured, gaps and joints sealed against leaks, noise and vibration absorbed, and conduits insulated against thermal transfer. We have expert knowledge of the materials that best perform these functions and ready access to the highest quality sources. Materials used in HVAC applications include:
  • Open Cell Foams
  • Vibration Dampening Tapes
  • 3M VHB
  • Adhesives
  • 3M Dual Lock

Using a variety of processes including precision die cutting, laminating, slitting, sheeting and more, we convert flexible materials into custom die-cut parts for HVAC manufacturers. These parts provide sealing, insulation, shock absorption, noise reduction and structural support.

Common applications include: