Ready for Launch

Aerospace manufacturers make machines that range from unmanned drones to human-rated spacecraft. Most of these machines are subject to extreme conditions in use. Weight is always a significant factor, so material selection for performance is critical.

Leading aerospace OEMs rely on us for adhesives, gaskets and die-cut parts that help reduce weight and improve product performance. We can tool up on short notice to meet demanding supply chain requirements. And our dedication to responsive customer service means we deliver quickly, helping get finished products to market sooner.

Material selection is critical for aerospace projects: adhesives and substrates must withstand wide ranges of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, often with rapid changes. We have years of experience helping specify products that meet or exceed these requirements.

We have developed and supplied premium masking, custom molding and component die-cut solutions for aerospace companies for years, earning a reputation for responsive service. We offer a broad range of technologies and have the technical knowledge needed to help aerospace customers literally get their projects off the ground.

Materials and Applications

Years of experience have given us broad and deep knowledge of materials. We know their properties and prices and can help you make the most of their performance characteristics. We are also quick to test new materials and adopt them when they provide measurable advantages. Here is a short list of materials we handle regularly:
  • Bonding Tapes (3M® VHB,Double-Sided)
  • Insulation & Cabin Tapes
  • Masking Supplies
  • Cabin Component Attachment Adhesives
  • Paint & Stripping Tapes
  • Speed & Hook Tapes
  • Rogers PORON® Urethane Foams
  • Extruded & Molded Rubber
  • Viton® Rubber and Sponge
  • Teflon

Customers value our product knowledge and wide range of capabilities. We enhance their product lines. We die-cut, laminate or sheet down materials for applications in noise reduction, enclosure sealing, heat reduction, touch screen protection and more. We help manufacturers maintain strict standards by providing high-quality components for applications such as: