Filtering and Venting

Block it out

Filter and venting materials can act as barriers to dust, dirt and moisture, protecting the components within a product while allowing air and sound to pass. We offer die-cut filters, mesh materials and porous PTFE (Teflon®) vents laminated with zoned double-sided tape for use in a variety of applications.

This product line includes hydrophobic materials that resist water infiltration while remaining fully functional breathable membranes, even in difficult situations. Our oleophobic materials work the same way as our hydrophobic materials, but they resist the intrusion of oils and other fluids with low surface tension.

Adhesive backing

We often laminate filter and mesh materials with a pressure-sensitive adhesive cut to a zone during the die-cutting process, allowing the core area of the filter or vent to breathe. In addition, we can add layers of various thin materials to the final item to fulfill your specified purpose.

Filtering Materials

  • Filter Mesh
  • Wire Mesh Materials
  • Porous Plastics and Fibers
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Materials
  • Highly Durable Materials
  • Microporous PTFE Venting Membrane

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