Display Enhancements

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Liquid crystal display (LCD) screens are used in devices from personal electronics to retail ordering systems to industrial control panels. Optical films can be added to the surfaces of these screens to help focus the emitted light. The result is a brighter image, which improves legibility in bright ambient light. In lower-light situations, the increased brightness allows the device to use less power, extending battery life.

As a preferred converter, we are among the first to test and use materials like brightness enhancement films. That also means we can offer industry-leading knowledge about their properties and applications sooner.

Bright Ideas

Display enhancement films refract and compress light emitted by LCDs, directing more of that light toward the viewer. The resulting decrease in power requirements also reduces heat from battery use. An additional polarizing filter can reduce glare, and the films protect screens from dust, dirt and damage. These optically clear, ultra-thin films are compatible with resistive touch-screen displays and withstand heavy use and repeated cleanings.


  • Rogers Poron®
  • Rogers Bisco®
  • 3M® Vikuity® Films
  • Screen Protectors

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