Die Cutting Solutions


If you’re like most manufacturers, you’re most profitable when you focus on your core business. For every component and subassembly, you have to choose whether to make or buy.

Making everything in-house gives you more control but involves opportunity costs. Contracting with a third party reduces equipment and labor expenses but can affect timing and logistics.

Tape Innovations is a leading converter for trusted brands like 3M, Rogers and Laird. We have decades of experience, strong relationships with suppliers and a reputation for great service.

We can help make your operations more efficient and effective. Let’s talk.


Cut to the Chase

Our diversified services start with steel rule and rotary die cutting capable of high output production, water jet and laser cutting, router and mill work. We also provide material lamination, custom printed box sealing tape, pad printing and distribution. Here’s a short list of the processes we offer:

Our Expertise

As a certified converter partner for leading manufacturers, we have built an impressive knowledge base on materials and processes. That collective skill helps us deliver exceptional service every day—and provide these added-value services to you:


We can help you optimize material selection for your design and application needs.

Material Training

Stay up to date on the latest materials with our on-site or off-site training.

Rapid Prototyping

Get next-day or even same-day samples for your product development team.

Design Assistance

If you need engineering support in product design, our technical team is ready to help.

Kanban/Stocking Agreements

We are also experts in managing inventory to help customers minimize lead times.


Ingredients for Success

Years of experience have given us broad and deep knowledge of materials. We know their properties and prices, and can help you make the most of their performance characteristics. We are also quick to test new materials and adopt them when they provide measurable advantages.

Whether you need an optically clear adhesive for an electronic device, a silicone gel adhesive for a skin contact application or anything between, our experts will help you find the right material. With advanced laminating capabilities, we can also combine tapes with other thin flexible materials to meet specific requirements in form and function.

We can help you solve technical challenges, find creative solutions and manage cost concerns, thanks to our relationships with 3M, Rogers Corporation, Henkel, and Laird Technologies. We help leading manufacturers optimize their material selections in:


Get it Right

Customers value our product knowledge and wide range of capabilities. We enhance their product lines. We die cut, laminate or sheet down materials for applications in noise reduction, enclosure sealing, heat reduction, touch screen protection, and more.

Advanced OEMs design and build complex products with detailed specifications, tight tolerances and little room for error. Subassemblies made by third parties have to meet the same demanding requirements. We help manufacturers maintain strict standards by providing high quality components for applications such as:

Make it better

To become a trusted supplier to leading manufacturers, we have to provide exceptional value. Through expert knowledge of materials and processes, and by taking a creative approach to technical problems, that’s exactly what we do. For every product our customers make, we help them make it better.


Higher Standards

Our customers include some of the most respected names in their industries. They are leaders in the design and production of advanced products, from electronic components to aerospace equipment. We strive to provide competitive engineering solutions for those customers by remaining at the forefront of material and process technology.

We offer full service, in-house design assistance and onsite support from experienced application specialists.

We collaborate to ensure optimal fit, form and function of custom components—from material specification to rapid prototyping to manufacturing finished goods. That means our customers can get products to market faster.

The list below shows some of the segments we have served. If you don’t see your industry listed, contact us anyway. We can leverage the expertise we earned in these other segments and put it to work for you.